Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Orvis Fight Against Canine Cancer - Cover Contest

For many of us, our best fishing buddies (or just best life friends for that matter) walk on four legs, shed all over the house, chew up our wading boots, and cause us hours of work running land mine cleanup in the back yard. But he is more excited that you came home from work than anyone else could ever be, and a simple walk down the street makes him the happiest beast in the world. Its nothing new, but dogs make pretty good fishing buddies.

According to caninelifetimehealth,org, more than half of golden retrievers die from cancer, and it is the number one cause of death for canines over the age of 2. Orvis is running a contest to search for the next wet nose to be on the cover of their dog catalog. Each vote costs one dollar and goes to support the Morris Animal Foundation and the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. The money will be used to help develop early cancer detection tests. We have entered our one year old golden Dug, into the contest. Any support is greatly appreciated.





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