Monday, April 15, 2013

Why the change???

When I started "Trails & Scales" I did it with intentions of blogging about hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, fly fishing, and any other outdoor activities I was partaking in. However, as of late I have done very little hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, or other outdoor activities. I do enjoy these things, but if I am skiing, that means I did not go fly fishing that day. If I was snow shoeing, I was not wading in a river. Hello, my name is Charlie and I have a severe addiction to fly fishing.

I wanted to put all my blogging focus onto my fly fishing addiction (which it pretty much already was anyways). Changing the name solidified in my mind that I would write a fly fishing blog with some other fun outdoor adventure stuff, not a blog with fun outdoor adventure stuff and some fly fishing.

"Swinging in the Rain" is something I have been saying in my mind for a long time. I even found myself singing it while standing waste deep in the Skykomish while I was... swinging in the rain. If you ever fly fished in the Pacific Northwest, you have probably swung a fly in the rain. The name also reflects one my favorite things to do, I like fly fishing in the rain.


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